Permissive free software licence that is clear and concise
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Omkov Open Source Licence

A permissive free software licence that is clear and concise


The Omkov Open Source Licence (OOSS) is a permissive free software licence based on the University of Illinois Open Source Licence (UIUC). It alters the UIUC licence by removing the developed by section shifting the licences focus from institution work onto personal work. The licence ideally will be clear and concise, similar to the UIUC licence.

The OOSS licence is compatible with many other licences due to its relatively limited restrictions, and source code licensed under the OOSS licence can be incorpotated into proprietary products. The OOSS licence is also compatible with many copyleft licences, such as the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). OOSS licensed software may be integrated into GPL licensed software, but not the other way around.

Licence Terms


  • Commercial Use
  • Modify
  • Distribute
  • Sublicense
  • Private Use


  • Hold Liable
  • Trademark Use


  • Include Copyright
  • Include Licences