Cryptographic Software Utilities
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A collection of cryptographic software utilities.

At present, none of these utilities should be trusted entirely.


Utility Description Standard
alder32 Compute the Alder-32 for a file
crc32 Compute the CRC-32 for a file
fnv1a64 Compute the FNV1a-64 for a file
otp Compute HOTP or TOTP tokens
rc2! Encrypt and decrypt files using RC2
  • Utilities marked with an asterisk ('*') may be incomplete or non-compliant.
  • Utilities marked with an exclamation mark ('!') require additional caution.


cryptutils is being developed on x86-64 Linux, and is untested elsewhere.


  • CMake >= 3.12, to build


To build cryptutils on UNIX, run


For information on each utility see its respective manpage or use the --help option.


Copyright (C) 2020, Jakob Wakeling
MIT Licence