General Software Utilities
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A collection of general software utilities commonly found on UNIX systems.


Utility Description Standard
base64* Base64 encode or decode data
basename Return non-directory portion of a path POSIX
cat Concatenate and print files POSIX
chmod Change the file modes POSIX
cksum Write file checksums and sizes POSIX
cp Copy files POSIX
dirname Return the directory portion of a path POSIX
echo Write arguments to standard output POSIX
env Execute with an altered enviroment POSIX
false Return false value POSIX
head Output the first part of files POSIX
id* Return user identity POSIX
link Create a link to a file POSIX
logname Return the user's login name POSIX
mkdir Make directories POSIX
nice Invoke with an altered nice value POSIX
orphan Invoke a command as an orphan
od* Dump files in various formats POSIX
pwd Print working directory POSIX
rand Generate random string
realpath Resolve an absolute pathname
relogin Invoke a command as a specified user
rmdir Remove directories POSIX
sleep Suspend execution for an interval POSIX
sum Write file checksums and block counts
sync Synchronise file system caches to disk
tee Duplicate standard input POSIX
time Time a simple command POSIX
touch Change file access and modify times POSIX
true Return true value POSIX
tty Return user's terminal name POSIX
uname Return system name POSIX
unlink Remove a file using the unlink function POSIX
wc Word, line, and byte or character count POSIX
yes Output a string repeatedly
  • Utilities marked with an asterisk ('*') may be incomplete or non-complaint.


coreutils is being developed on x86-64 Linux, and is untested elsewhere.


  • CMake >= 3.14, to build


To build coreutils on UNIX, run


For information on each utility see its respective manpage or use the --help option.


Copyright (C) 2020, Jakob Wakeling
MIT Licence