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  Jake Wakeling ddcda3dc49 oar: Redsign headers and reimplement in C 2 months ago
  Jake Wakeling cd201abeac OAR: Rename project to OAR from liboar 2 months ago
  Jake Wakeling daa4660229 Replace cxxopts with optget, Minor changes 3 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 1330be1a81 Begin OAR format improvement 4 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 7f871067fa Cleanup and rename repo 4 months ago
  Jake Wakeling e23e35123b Change global constants 8 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 8a515f9310 Move version information into global 8 months ago
  Jake Wakeling cd0ca9ebf5 Switch to library target, Create public header, Other reorganisation 8 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 12f4508deb Minor cleanup 10 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 53bfe402ea Switch from getopt to cxxopts 11 months ago
  Jake Wakeling 31db671195 Switch to C++, Add recursive directory creation 11 months ago
  Jake Wakeling a47f727e91 Minor refinements 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling a9b8cec8f6 Merge OmegaARcTools, Partial CMakeLists rebuild 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling c23b093008 Basic cleanup 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling 1c972073cf Minor cleanup 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling edf8fadc90 Add extern C, Add file glob 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling 0b5dee2e1f Update build scripts 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling 6a6035a3cc Switched to static library 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling 3f6564e9f0 Migrated OAR library into seperate file 1 year ago
  Jake Wakeling 6d2fffd709 Init 1 year ago